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Hairdresser Didsbury, Manchester

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We can perform all aspects of colouring, whether it’s something more subtle or a bolder look you’re after. Cover your greys or give yourself a lift with a brightening colour.


Service Stylist Senior Stylist Manager / Director
Full Colour (from) £36 (from) £44 (From) £47
Root Regrowth (from) £32 (from) £38 (From) £42
Quick Fix(Roots On T Section, used As In Between Colour Service Top Up) (from) £24 (from) £27 -
Scalp Bleach (6 week roots)* (from) £50 (from) £60 (From) £63
Scalp Bleach (full head)* (from) £70 (from) £77 (From) £82
Toner (from) £12 (from) £12 (from) £12
*not including Olaplex - required