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Hair Extensions

Different methods to help to make hair look longer and fuller, giving you instantly luscious locks.

Hair Extensions

With regards to choosing hair extensions, it can be a minefield to choose which would be right for you. We like to make things easy and will find out which will work for you. This is why we always carry out a free-of-charge consultation with you to discuss which options and styles are best, using our expert knowledge. Therefore, this gives you the information you need to choose which method is right for your hair type and lifestyle.

In addition to this, we can take deposits for hair over the phone now so you don’t need to keep coming back and forth.

ServiceStylistSenior StylistStyle DirectorCreative Director
Full Weave*£50£55£57£60
Tighten Weave£23£25£27£30
Tape ins 2 pieces*£17£18£19£21
Tape ins 4 pieces*£23£25£27£30
Tape ins 8 pieces*£50£55£56£60
Tape Removal (per four pieces, re-bonded)£9£10£11£12
*We supply Beautyworks hair which is additional cost to service & POA.

The Brandon May team have range of different methods to suit each budget, client, lifestyle…

Our hair extensions are Beautyworks, all 100% real human REMY hair. The hair is double drawn, too which means it is the same thickness from root to tip – no thin ends here! We have a great range of colours so can match to your own hair perfectly for that seamless blend. Whether you have a cool blonde, a balayage, or a copper, we can create a blend of colours so natural you’d never know you had extensions.

There’s many different application methods and because of this it will depend on: what you want and what’s suitable for your hair type, lifestyle and budget, as to which you should have.  To choose from: there’s weaves, tape-in method, clip ins, or the pre-bonded methods. We can also supply Halo hair extensions which are a perfect, temporary and damage-free! Contact us for more info.

The hair extensions will be cut to blend with your hair after fitting.